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                          Industry analysis, the main trends of development of the future of all kinds of printing ink industr
                          Source:Monica   Time:2015-11-11 14:57:35
                          Industry analysis: the main development trend of various types of ink printing industry in China
                          Ink printing industry as the theme of development in twenty-first Century, many countries and regions are "green ink, green printing" for the purpose, in the packaging and printing increased the health and environmental protection and other aspects of the requirements and constraints.
                          Especially for the pharmaceutical, food, children's products and other aspects ordered that the prohibited the use of toxic and harmful ingredients of printed materials, the information tells us research, development and use of environmentally friendly ink, is a major event for the benefit of mankind, is permit to enter the international market, is the direction of development in the future. The future development of ink industry in China has the following directions.
                          1, offset printing ink in various printing, offset printing ink in China occupies volume of close to 50%, still occupies a dominant position, in the next 20 years will still be steady development. The printing mode mainly has two kinds: lithographic leaflets printing paper version of peace drum paper printing, the variety specification, quality reached quite high level, just printing ink application mostly non environmentally friendly, as long as the binders little improvement can be. At present, foreign in the food, pharmaceutical packaging printing must be the use of environmentally friendly ink, such as no aromatic and non solvent type (soybean oil) offset printing ink. These low toxicity or harmless ink is the future direction of development, is the goal of our efforts to develop, but also the necessary condition to enter the international market. The international standard for this type of ink is: non - aromatic type of ink in the content of less than 1% of the solvent type, solvent based inks, solvents contain less than 1%. We should pay attention to the global environmental protection ink technology trends, and constantly develop more environmentally friendly ink products, organic pigment instead of containing heavy metals, inorganic pigment, strict use of non lead, cadmium and other heavy metals of raw materials, more production of non aromatic and non solvent ink, ink, ink and other environmentally friendly ink.
                          2, water-based ink, water-based ink is recognized by the world printing ink environmental printing ink, the most promising, but also our efforts to develop and promote the best object. Rapid development in recent years, especially in the international market is a lot of use. Water based inks and solvent based inks are the biggest difference between the use of the solvent is water, rather than organic solvents, does not affect human health, not pollute the environment, is not easy to burn, especially for food and medicine, children's toys and other packaging printing.
                          3, UV ink and EB ink UV ink is a kind of ultraviolet irradiation, the use of different wavelengths of ultraviolet energy to ink film quickly dry ink. UV ink is 100% film material, non solvent, and the ink film has excellent abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Although the development of domestic already initially but only UV printing paper and printing inks, few varieties, expensive, yield is low, can not meet the needs of the domestic printing plant, in recent years has gained great progress. EB inks is electron beam curing inks, for electron beam is much larger than the energy of ultraviolet light, so EB inks without join photosensitizer can curing and drying. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high - added value, such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, and non - bearing skin. At present, the global EB ink market share of about 30 million to 50 million U.S. dollars, is a very potential market. So far, the domestic EB ink market is still blank, is our research and development of a direction.
                          4, digital printing ink, digital printing has become a new trend in the field of domestic and international packaging and advertising printing, the country also imported a number of digital printing machine. In order to make the digital printing machine to meet the requirements of high-speed printing, and can achieve good printing quality, digital printing ink is very important. However, the domestic development and production of digital printing ink products are very few, such as Tianjin ink companies and other companies have already developed the printing ink, but has not yet been put into production. Therefore, digital printing ink is still an area to be studied.
                          5. The nano technology is a new technology which is developing rapidly, and has been applied in the field of ink manufacturing. Such as nano calcium carbonate and other raw materials. But not the main trend. If the ink in the resin binder, pigment, additives and desiccant and other components made of nano material, highly dispersed, and has better mobility and wettability, so that the ink can be made of raw materials, reduce costs, but also can get good printing effect.
                          6, improve service quality in today's society, service has become a part of the product system, or users to buy specific products at the same time, but also to buy a business service. At present, it is the only way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the innovation development of the customer. Printing enterprises have not only satisfied with the use of products, but the need to provide products manufacturers to provide all the guidance, including the timely resolution of problems. So now the market competition, but also a service competition. Ink production enterprises are also service enterprises, in order to develop, only to provide a full range of services. Light on price competition is clearly not the way, must become a comprehensive printing service providers.
                          In short, the ink industry in our country is developing rapidly, but it is necessary to increase investment, improve the level of large-scale production, and strengthen the quality of the products.